After reading the above equation, you might be asking, “What types of leadership problems does this algebraic equation help solve, and what do these variables represent?” I find myself similarly curious and sometimes perplexed when I look at my daughter’s 8th grade math word problems. I ask myself, “Considering I got As in math in middle and high school, why does it sometimes take me awhile to figure out what is going on in these word problems?” But today’s math teachings and methods are different from those of 40 years ago, and the problems and expectations more demanding. To help my daughter, I need to remain patient, listen to understand her issues and frustrations, break down the problem, pay attention to the relationship between all the variables, learn/apply new methods, and inspire/hold her accountable to do her best. If I do these things, I can successfully coach her through solving the problem.

In my executive coaching practice, many of the middle and senior level leaders I work with have to apply the same problem-solving approaches on a grander scale when dealing with current business issues. 

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