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I can not say enough about Elaine. I turned to Elaine about two years ago when I was trying to figure out "what I wanted to do, now that I actually am grown up!" Elaine helped me wade through all of the nonsense that we pile on ourselves to get down to the core of it all. And she did so with a steady hand, allowing me to work through the process, giving me the right tools at the right times, and holding up that all powerful mirror, making me reflect on my answers to her questions. Without Elaine, I honestly am not sure I would have made some of the choices I have made. She gently pushed me, kept me focused, and enabled me to truly get down to the business of defining my life. Thank you Elaine!close quote


-Kristen Smith, Senior Manager of Instructional Design and Technical Training, Visiant (formerly Senior Training Manager, Partners Heathcare)