Competency Modeling

At Performance Development, we believe that competencies are one of the key building blocks for effectively managing and optimizing your organization’s talent. When aimed at meeting company goals and challenges, competency models deliver the following outcomes:

  • Align your organization’s human capability with corporate strategy and goals.
  • Identify and describe behavioral skills, traits, knowledge, and mind-set that are statistically tied to success and economic gains.
  • Provide a common language and objective criteria for assessing and developing leader and employee performance and potential.
  • Serve as a common framework for creating interrelated talent management processes, systems, training, and tools.

We have been helping organizations successfully realize these benefits by building competency models for more than 15 years.

Types of Competency Models

We can help you create the following types of competency models for your organization:

  • Management-Based – Leadership competency models for one or all levels of management
  • Position-Based – Competency models for specific positions within job families
  • Company/Division-Based – Core company/division competency models


Our Competency Modeling Solutions typically include the following steps:

  • Determine the need, desired outcome, type of model(s), and application plans.
  • Facilitate competency modeling session(s), conduct interviews, and/or conduct best practices research to identify key competencies.
  • Ensure the successful application of new competency model(s).

With 15 years’ IT experience including several roles in Service and Development, I became really impressed with the competency model program Elaine and her team created and fostered in our business. While the idea of a system that can contribute to stronger employee development is not novel in and of itself, the nurturing of the system across our business departments drove organizational consistency, and that was novel.

R&D Director of Operations

Information Technology Company