Coaching Process

coaching process


Building the Partnership

Coaching is a partnership between the learner, his/her sponsoring manager, the organization, Human Resources, and the coach. At the beginning of a coaching engagement, it is important to build trust within the partnership; discuss the client’s role, strengths, and development needs; review confidentiality and communication guidelines; create the coaching process plan; and establish initial expectations for success.


Gaining Insight through Assessment

Coaching heightens self-understanding and insight.  Assessing one’s self and gathering feedback from others helps the client see him/herself from different perspectives. Increased self-awareness is achieved through exploring these perspectives, discovering patterns, sharing insights, and discussing helpful tips for improvement.


Creating an Individual Development Plan

Coaching is about setting leadership development goals and achieving them, so it is important to identify success measures and corresponding development activities/practices that will help the client achieve his/her desired results. Development planning involves creating a map to help the learner leverage/temper strengths and build new capabilities, and is completed in partnership with the client’s manager to ensure relevancy.


Working the Plan with Coaching Support

Coaching provides the chance to focus on leadership goals, practice development activities, receive feedback, and make adjustments. Discussions about real-life situations and challenges ensure that skills are developed and maintained within the current culture and climate of the client’s workplace.


Identifying Progress and Ongoing Support

Coaching gives clients and their managers the opportunity to strengthen their relationship through development conversations and greater understanding of expectations.  At the close of the coaching engagement, the client, coach, and manager identify client successes, opportunities for further development, and resources for continued growth and support.

Steady Hand
Powerful Mirror
Elaine helped me wade through all of the nonsense that we pile on ourselves to get down to the core of it all. And she did so with a steady hand, allowing me to work through the process, giving me the right tools at the right times, and holding up that all powerful mirror, making me reflect on my answers to her questions. Without Elaine, I honestly am not sure I would have made some of the choices I have made. She gently pushed me, kept me focused, and enabled me to truly get down to the business of defining my life. Kristin Smith

Senior Director of Customer Success, HighRoads
(formerly Senior Training Manager, Partners Heathcare)