Career Coaching

Globalization, increased competition, accelerated change, decreased market/job security, and an aging workforce dictate that employees take greater ownership of their careers, and organizations provide more career development opportunities to retain top employees. At Performance Development, we create and implement solutions that provide individuals and organizations with the guidance, structure, support, and resources needed to improve career fit, success, and satisfaction.


Our Career Coaching process for individuals typically includes some or all of the following steps:

  • Increasing self-awareness by assessing and discussing values, passions, strengths, motivators/de-motivators, and career goals.
  • Examining job opportunities in terms of client career goals, and providing feedback to promote right fit career moves
  • Creating a plan of action/development and providing coaching and resources toward the achievement of career goals.
Sound Guidance
Tangible Action Items
Elaine was an excellent career/executive coach. She listened extremely well, and was able to help me understand my true work and life priorities. Through her coaching sessions, I was able to progress through a very challenging job search process. She patiently worked with me and offered sound guidance combined with tangible action items. She assisted me to not only find employment, but make a career decision based on my total overall life hopes and dreams. Elaine’s approaches and techniques are so effective that I expect she could tackle any kind of challenge or need. She is truly one of the best professionals I have had the experience of working with, and cannot put into words my gratitude. Vice President

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