Executive Coaching & Assessment

We help executives, managers, and high-potentials increase their leadership capability, business performance, and career success by improving their self-awareness, better understanding their strengths and development opportunities, and focusing their development through targeted plans, practice, feedback, and support.

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coaching process

Career Coaching

We help leaders/employees increase their career fit, satisfaction, and success by assessing their values, passions, and strengths, and providing guidance, resources, and support.

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Leadership Training

We help leaders gain essential knowledge and skills by developing and delivering relevant and engaging training courses, tools, and ongoing learning support.

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I cannot express my gratitude to Elaine on her guidance and insight.  I would not be in the position I hold today without powerful examination of my strengths and weaknesses. The tools she gave me years ago are still relevant, and I use them to this day. My career path speaks volumes of her guidance, commitment, and honesty. Karl Winkler

Advisor at Boston Meats
(formerly Director of Research, Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.)