Elaine is more than a coach; she is a great business partner. I have worked with Elaine over the course of two years. Elaine brings espirit de corps to her professional engagement through candor, holistic thinking, and a high level of professional experience in navigating the nuisance of leadership development. She is a subject matter expert, and worked directly with myself and my staff.  She was helpful in not only developing the high level strategy or approach, but worked to help develop the tactical details of the execution plan. I wanted a plan that was real, practical, and produced results. Elaine worked tirelessly with my team, and was willing to put in the extra effort, which makes her a true professional. My team benefited greatly as Elaine was able to help them develop awareness of blind spots, and coached them effectively to reduce and manage their vulnerabilities. Each of my Directors was able to improve communication within their teams and with their customers. Overall, we were able to build a high level of trust in our department, which helped us become a high performing team. Greg Montemurro

Head of Quality, Symbotics
(formerly Senior Director, Quality and Manufacturing, Keurig Green Mountain)

Elaine was my coach when I was in a leadership position in a fast growing company. It was my first position in a public company, and I was transitioning into a new field. Elaine was able to guide my self discovery and development plan to not only be successful in my position, but to choose a path that was the most beneficial to my personal and professional happiness. She listened, gave thoughtful feedback, and pushed me to work on the things that would be critical to my growth. I credit Elaine with helping to shape my future steps and ultimately land in the role I was meant to be in.

I was so impressed with Elaine’s style, professionalism, and results that we retained her for coaching several other leaders in our organization. All of the feedback I received from the leaders, their bosses, and peers was stellar. I can’t recommend her enough to other leaders looking to bring out the best in themselves or others. Ann Hargraves

VP Human Resources, TScan Therapeutics
(formerly HR Director, Keurig Green Mountain)

My relationship with Elaine goes beyond that of client and coach.  Elaine is a friend, confidante, and partner. She is the quintessential executive coach and servant leader. She puts her family, friends and clients first. She is caring and compassionate, but can get to the heart of a problem with her insight, intuition, and business acumen. She brings out the best in people. I know this, because I witnessed her success firsthand. Elaine stays current, and continually adds tools to her toolbox to help meet the needs of her diverse client base. I recommend Elaine for any coaching engagement. Robin Lucier

Director, Human Resources Business Partner, Boston Medical Center
(formerly HR Director, Injured Workers Pharmacy)

Elaine worked with my organization as an Executive Coach, and I would highly recommend her in this capacity. She has the ability to connect with managers, individual contributors, and high level executives in a meaningful and insightful manner. She is extremely organized and gives attention to every detail of her consulting and coaching. But most of all, I think she really gets people to see things from a new perspective, and this often motivated them to change for the better. Her coaching results in meaningful positive outcomes for the individuals and the organizations she works with.

Suzanne Wilson

Director of Human Resources and People Development at REM Central/NGP Management dba Dunkin’ Donuts
(formerly SVP Human Resources, MiddleOak Insurance)

I cannot express my gratitude to Elaine on her guidance and insight. I would not be in the position I hold today without the powerful examination of my strengths and weaknesses. The tools she gave me years ago are still relevant, and  I use them to this day. My career path speaks volumes of her guidance, commitment and honesty. Karl Winkler

Advisor at Boston Meats
(formerly Director of Research, Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.)

I had the opportunity to work alongside Elaine for many years on a planning committee for NEHRA, and developed a great deal of respect and admiration for her both personally and professionally. More recently, I engaged Elaine to coach me as I took on a new job opportunity, and to help me fully address and conquer all of the professional challenges I face at this stage of my career. I am hoping to use this job opportunity as a transition to reach a different level and/or head down a different path in my career, and have found Elaine’s coaching very helpful and effective with keeping me true to my intentions.  In addition, Elaine has helped me prioritize, exercise, and move “out of my comfort zone,” where the most learning, development, and change can and will take place. I would highly recommend a coach to anyone who is looking to stay on track and focused on their goals while busily ensconced in getting the job at hand accomplished.  Specifically, I would recommend Elaine, who has a kind and supportive yet focused style, and who brings long-term business and leadership development experience together to provide effective coaching, guidance, and support. Barrie Brian

Vice President, People Strategy and Operations, Akili Interactive Labs
(formerly VP, HR & Talent Management, IMN)

I can not say enough about Elaine. I turned to Elaine about two years ago when I was trying to figure out “what I wanted to do, now that I actually am grown up!” Elaine helped me wade through all of the nonsense that we pile on ourselves to get down to the core of it all. And she did so with a steady hand, allowing me to work through the process, giving me the right tools at the right times, and holding up that all powerful mirror, making me reflect on my answers to her questions. Without Elaine, I honestly am not sure I would have made some of the choices I have made. She gently pushed me, kept me focused, and enabled me to truly get down to the business of defining my life. Thank you Elaine! Kristen Smith

Senior Director of Customer Success, HighRoads
(formerly Senior Training Manager, Partners Healthcare)

I have worked with Elaine MacLellan on several aspects of organizational development and her energy, enthusiasm, and expertise are unmatched. Her advice was always thoughtful and well-founded. Elaine is very well-versed in leadership development and provided useful feedback and executive coaching during the Voices 360 process. Elaine would be a tremendous resource in any area of organization and management development. Mary Ammer

Executive Director Client Services, ELLKAY
(formerly Director of Software Development, IDX Systems Corporation)

In an ever-evolving and changing healthcare IT business, Elaine was able to keep the management team grounded on what businesses often forget is the heart of their success: employees. Elaine personally helped me complete and interpret results of a Lominger 360-degree assessment. The executive coaching she provided really helped me turn peer and manager feedback into constructive career actions and ultimately be more confident in my contributions. I like to think that this insightful self-assessment contributed to my current promotion and expanded responsibilities. Theresa Forrest

IT Operations Manager, The Mathworks
(formerly R&D Director of Operations, IDX Systems Corporation)

“I met Elaine when I joined one of my former companies.  She was working with quite a few of our senior leaders, and since my role included oversight of executive coaching, I interacted with her and collected feedback from her clients on a regular basis.  Elaine had a strong reputation, and was definitely on the short list of favorites.  So it was an easy decision for me to invite Elaine to join the “vetted coaches pool” for the subsequent two biotech companies for which I worked.  I knew, based on my previous interactions, that she ALWAYS goes above and beyond expectations.  She is professional, thorough in her due-diligence, and truly dedicated to supporting leaders during their self-discovery as well as providing opportunities for insight that lead to profound changes.  Elaine is a top-notch executive coach. I believe in her capabilities so strongly that I even hired her to be my own coach at my own personal expense.  If you’re looking for someone who is truly in your corner AND who will push you outside your comfort in a good way, Elaine is the coach for you.”

VP, Talent & Organizational Development
Biopharmaceutical Industry

“I had the pleasure of working with Elaine during an extremely challenging time in my career.  Her warm and supportive approach to coaching, combined with a very purposeful, results-oriented methodology proved to be invaluable – especially when, during our engagement, I left my company due to organizational changes.

Despite my leaving, my organization allowed me to continue the coaching.  Even as the environment changed, Elaine proved to be tremendously flexible, and was a trusted resource in those uncertain times.  Elaine’s 30+ years of experience showed when she was able to pivot and continue to help me work to my strengths as I transitioned to launching a business of my own.  Her direct, independent, and practical advice, and ability to creatively leverage the work we’d done together previously help to keep me on track.  Elaine’s independent perspective and leadership coaching experience provided valuable insights that boosted my confidence while helping me avoid potential pitfalls.

Elaine’s experience, adaptability, and warm, supportive style were evident in our engagement, as was her unwavering commitment to helping her clients achieve their personal and professional goals.


Formerly Associate Director, Public Affairs
Biopharmaceutical Company

I contacted Elaine as I was in the process of finding a new job. Elaine was an excellent career/executive coach.  She listened extremely well, and was able to help me understand my true work and life priorities. Through her coaching sessions, I was able to progress through a very challenging job search process. She patiently worked with me and offered sound guidance combined with tangible action items. She assisted me to not only find employment, but make a career decision based on my total overall life hopes and dreams. Elaine’s approaches and techniques are so effective that I expect she could tackle any kind of challenge or need. She is truly one of the best professionals I have had the experience of working with, and cannot put into words my gratitude.

Vice President, Large Recruiting Firm

Elaine is a wealth of information. Her training classes were always run with a tremendous degree of both professionalism and warmth, and she has always demonstrated great interest in the subject matter at hand and her students’ ability to digest it and move forward, incorporating it into their daily lives. The materials, classes, and resources have all been so beneficial to me in getting me “up and running” as a manager, and Elaine’s availability and assistance every step of the way has been tremendous. Most beneficial to me personally has been our one-on-one coaching sessions. With Elaine’s guidance, I’ve been able to focus more clearly on my professional priorities and goals, and have taken many steps towards achieving them—all with very positive results. Thanks to Elaine’s coaching, I am now right where I want to be, and couldn’t be happier!

Real-Time Development Manager, High-Tech Company

Working in a career coaching relationship with Elaine enabled me to consider options without judgment. Her exceptional listening skills to “hear” not only what I was saying but also to perceive what was behind my words gave me the courage to express what was really in my heart. Elaine made me feel safe in speaking my mind. As our coaching sessions progressed, I was impressed with Elaine’s ability to recall facets of our earlier conversations and identify common threads.  Elaine intuitively knew when to listen, when to be empathetic, and when to push or challenge.  This enabled me to take my exploration to a point beyond what I would have been able to do on my own.  As a result of our coaching relationship, I am more comfortable moving forward with work that interests me most and brings me joy.

HR Consultant

We used Elaine’s knowledge and skill in building high performance teams through formal facilitated training sessions and informal coaching. Through the training, all of my teams created a team identity, charter, norms, and honestly assessed their strengths and weaknesses. They enthusiastically developed action plans to refine their performance as a team. Elaine then provided coaching to the managers to keep the momentum going and give guidance when they hit challenges. With the combination of Elaine’s training and coaching, all of my teams progressed and improved not only their performance, but their satisfaction as a team unit!

Director, High-Tech Company

Elaine developed an exceptional performance management and talent review program that guided me and my management team in executing on our key responsibility as managers: to develop the talent on our team. In addition to the comprehensiveness and rational program structure, Elaine was a coach to us as we prepared for the delivery of the review sessions.

Director of Education and Knowledge, High-Tech Company

I worked with Elaine MacLellan when I was an Employee Relations Manager. Elaine saw a need for new manager training and developed a program.  Elaine collaborated with subject matter experts to develop the trainings. The program was well-received and always at full capacity. In addition to the development and facilitation of classes, she also coached several of the new managers. I saw a reduction in employee relations issues due to the training our new managers were receiving.

Employee Relations Manager, Healthcare Organization

Elaine demonstrates great knowledge, skill, and passion for developing leaders. With her expertise in leadership development and talent and performance management, Elaine consistently delivers exceptional value to her clients and their businesses.

Director of Organizational Development, Software Company

Elaine is a first rate trainer, curriculum developer, and OD consultant. She created and taught many custom OD training classes. She accomplished this under tight deadlines and her customers were always very satisfied.

Vice President Education, Healthcare Organization