Leadership Equation: R₁+R₂ = S

Leadership Equation: R₁+R₂ = S

After reading the above equation, you might be asking, “What types of leadership problems does this algebraic equation help solve, and what do these variables represent?

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The Gift of Adversity

The Gift of Adversity

In online posts this past month, I’ve read that 2017 was a challenging year for many. Within my circle of friends and colleagues, it was particularly difficult. Two lost a spouse, another lost a sister, some had tough times with their kids, one got sick, and a few...

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Musical Inspiration

So if you’re tired of the same old story,
oh, turn some pages.
I will be here when you are ready
to roll with the changes.

REO Speedwagon
“Roll with the Changes”
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Roll with the changes

The struggles I’m facing.
The chances I’m taking.
Sometimes might knock me down
but, no I’m not breaking.

Miley Cyrus
“The Climb”
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No I’m not breaking